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Non-recourse Stock Loans

GISC’s dedicated lending team focuses on providing capital to the public and private markets in a customized structure to meet shareholders objectives. Managing public investments enhances our ability to leverage the debt and equity markets and manage asset risk in today’s volatile marketplace. With a Non-recourse Stock Loan, you get liquidity from your asset now, retain contractual ownership, enjoy the benefits that come from not having to sell your securities and profit from appreciation of your portfolio should the stock price...

Equity Lines of Purchase

GISC’s purchases for its own portfolio equities via Block Transactions and structured Lines of Purchase  to meet shareholders need for immediate liquidity and operating financing. Managing public investments enhances our ability to leverage the debt and equity markets and manage asset risk in today’s volatile marketplace

Lines of Purchase

Purchase Price: The purchase price of any share of common stock purchased under the LOP Facility will equal 75% of the daily volume weighted average price of the Company’s common stock...

Structured Transaction Financing

The Structured Transaction Programs are designed for both high net-worth individuals and institutional clients, giving the ability to hedge against uncertainty of political and market risks, maximize liquidity, and conduct business within a completely confidential environment. Big Board or Large Cap stockholders are usually eligible for high LTV Structured Transaction Programs, while Small to Mid-Cap stockholders can receive respectable LTV’s based on exchange, price and liquidity. With all of our Structured Transaction Programs there are no out-of-pocket expenses or up...

Coin Based Loans

GISC blockchain-based platform utilizes ERC-20 smart contracts and non-smart contract Crypto loans. GISC offers Packaged Crypto Loans listed on site and utilizes its lending platform as main marketplace for borrowers and Customizable  Crypto Loans  using customized terms with LTV’s and low Interest Rates against major coins such at BTC, Ethereum, and LTC and select Alt-Coins which meet our lending criteria. Our process maintains the security and discretion that blockchain users desire.

Major Coins:

  • Collateral – BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
  • Loan to...

Packaged Coin Based Loans

Packaged Crypto Loans – listed on the GLN for borrowers to simply find agreeable terms and execute the contract. These loans will also be available to GISC LoanCoin token users for borrower selection at discounted rates. Select Alt-coin loan packaged terms will be listed for smart contract based borrowers to select as the platform comes online. Only non- smart contract loans are currently available.



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